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Caterfly's Open Smart Transformation model for collaborative organisational change is a derivative of Prime-OS and OpenSpace Agility by Daniel Mezick. Caterfly applies the same principles and practices for implementing Agile at scale in organisations, to any form of organisational systems adoption or transformation (e.g. lean, teal, creative economy, sociocracy, holacracy, responsive etc). Anyone exploring any form of organisational transformation should find it useful follow recent developments in the agile adoption world...

Book review of Open Space Agilitiy Handbook: This is a brilliant how-to book. It addresses the problem of resistance and poor engagement in agile adoptions and organisational change. Why is it, for instance, that the majority of agile adoptions, despite huge investments, fail? The approach presented resolves root causes and offers a completely fresh and novel way of implementing agile and organisational transformation...

Daniel Mezick filmed an interview he did with a Senior Director of Product Development after their IT department had undergone a complete Open Agile Adoption. The linked page contains a series of video testimonials of Open Agile Adoptions in the form of client interviews:

Open Space Technology, commonly Open Space, is a social technology, a tool for helping people to rally around a shared challenge, with minimum obstacles and maximum efficiency. It is used to organise meetings, gatherings, conferences, problem solving and summits in which everyone has the opportunity to participate on their own terms.

Research and resources: Some of the essential work that underpins our own, including The failure of change management programmes, Open Space references, and approaches to Smarter Working such as Lean, Agile and Sociocracy, and the Open Smart Transformation model...

Creative solutions to the problems we all face, should be made freely available for the mutual benefit of everyone. We want to keep innovation for the common good, in the hands of the Commons. Like science. Unless otherwise stated, all material here is licensed under a Free Culture, Copyleft, Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Caterfly uses Open Smart Transformation to help organisations implement smarter ways of working. What do we mean by Smart?

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Kaizen:  'A way of involving the whole workforce in continuous improvement, for a highly motivated workplace, delivering high quality for clients, and celebrating together'.

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